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Everyday, Stock Trend Spotter analyzes over 6,000 stocks on the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges.  It evaluates the overall condition of the market and identifies all of the stocks that meet its proprietary Performance Criteria for each Model.

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If the overall market conditions are favorable, Stock Trend Spotter evaluates the results of the Analysis phase and issues Buy Signals for the top 3 performing stocks.  It calculates Conservative Share Positions and Stop Loss Adjustments,  based on Volatility, for each stock signaled.

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Stock Trend Spotter continues to follow every open signal.  If the stock performs well, it will issue up to 2 Buy Again signals.  After the second Buy Again signal, it will only issue Reset Stop Loss signals to help you lock in profits and limit your risk. Eventually, it will issue a Sell signal.

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Knowing When to BUY is


Knowing When to SELL is





“I like their philosophy.....
     invest in Performing Stocks
     ride your winners & cut your losses
     always use stops so you don’t have to worry
It works for me!”

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“Do you plan to move in with your kids when you're 65?
If the answer is NO then you need an investment strategy.   
STS is part of mine.  With STS, I’m in control.  
And with its focus on Risk Adjusted Returns,
I can enjoy the process and don’t have to worry.”

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Investing Philosophy

Stock Trend Spotter’s investment philosophy is based on the belief that “no one really knows”. Markets are influenced by a host of factors that are out of our control.   When you accept the fact that no one really knows, you adopt an investment approach that can help you build wealth and protect you from the unknown.   Stock Trend Spotter utilizes a technical approach to investing.  Its proprietary investment rules are focused on identifying stocks that are performing i.e. trending.  It quantifies those trends and selects the stocks that appear to have the most potential for continued growth.  And it employs downside risk controls to help you protect yourself from unexpected market weakness.  “You cannot change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sails to reach your destination.”






Large Cap

The Large Cap Model is focused on the S&P 500 Index which contains all Large Cap Companies with a Market Capitalization of more than $10 Billion. These 500 companies represent approximately 75% of the U.S. Gross National Product. Due to the large number of outstanding shares for each company in the S&P 500, these stocks will tend to react more slowly to changes in market conditions than other stocks.


Broad Market

The Broad Market Model is focused on the entire NYSE, and NASDAQ exchanges. The addition of the Smaller Cap companies may cause the Broad Market Model to react more quickly than the Large Cap Model to changes in market conditions. However, they also give it the ability to grow faster when market conditions are favorable.


We do the hard work







"I like to see if I can out-perform my current investment choices
(mutual funds, advisers, etc.). With STS I’m in control;
….it does the hard work every day to identify performing stocks;
….but I make the final investment decisions;
….and just one low STS fee regardless of the size of my portfolio.
I can’t say that about my other choices.”

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